Chromax M1x Golf Ball Review

For the new 2014 season Chromax has released The M1x golf ball. Having tried out a few of Chromax’s other lines I was ready to put them into play. For those of you that do not know about Chromax here is a little information on the Company.

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3 Up 3F12 Golf Ball Review

Quite some time ago, I found a company on Twitter that was just breaking into the golf industry. This is a tough field to jump into these days, especially when the product at hand is a golf ball. There are so many quality golf balls on the market today, and most of them come from the brands we all know and trust. So how can a startup company produce anything close to what these big dogs produce? Will the performance be there?

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Volvik Vista Golf Ball Review

Up for review are the Volvik Vista iv and Volvik Crystal. I first noticed Volvik Golf Balls while I was at Volvik’s Race for the Card Tour event for the ladies. Watching the ladies crush these colored balls down the fairway was very impressive.  Then I received my Volvik Golf ball from Maurice Allen. Maurice set the Guinness world record for driver ball speed at 211 MPH. The ball has a caricature of Maurice on it.

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Nike 20XI-X Golf Ball Review

The new 2013 Nike 20XI Golf Balls are here with some radical changes(to me) coming into play. It has a new cover, not an updated one, a whole new one it seems. It turns out Nike does so much R&D on the golf balls that it would blow your mind. Do you know they tested the sound of these balls to match a certain frequency and tone that people feel comfortable with? When Meeting with Director of Golf Balls, Rock Ishii, He gave us the low down on so much, it would never all fit in a review but I will try to give some insight here in there.

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I Need “The Ball” Golf Ball

What’s in a name? I didn’t think much, but “I Need The Ball” could be what you’re saying after gaming The Ball! With a Money Back Guarantee they are very confident in their product. The Ball is advertised as a high performance premium golf ball. The Ball is made up of a three piece cast urethane with a Tungsten core. Did I mention the only one currently made this way? Priced at $34.99 it really is below any premium ball of this quality.

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Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball Review

So it's the dawn of a new day for golf balls in 2013. And the Callaway Hex Hot Pro Golf Ball is seizing the day. Before you had a choice between distance or feel, control or distance, soft or hard, deep or ... fluffy. This year Mid-range balls have been trying to capture all these areas in a well priced package. Some fail at it, others excel. A lot of factors on what is good with these "all around" golf balls is purely preference. My review of the Callaway Hex Hot Pro will talk about what it does, what it cant do, and my preferences.

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Nike ONE RZN Golf Ball Review

Nike boasts these ONE RZN golf balls as a non-tour level golf ball for amateurs providing a soft feel and durability, while providing controlled straighter and longer shots. Sounds too good to be true for amateurs right? Here at, we have selected 15 testers from our forum community to assist our staff in putting Nike’s claims to the test, and the consensus is that they ARE AS GOOD AS ADVERTISED!

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2013 Titleist ProV1 Review

For the most part, I haven't been much of a ProV1 kind of guy.  Then we got the new ProV1 balls in. I forced myself not to read their marketing, fall prey to someones cryptic keywords to try and influence me. No, I just wanted to play the ball against last years ProV1. I just wanted to play, period. With the season starting up, and everyone putting out new golf balls, I've been playing the best of them lately. And I was very surprised, pleasantly surprised.

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