Tour Edge HL4 Triple Combo Set

Tour Edge has always been known for the mission of providing high quality and technologically advanced products that are still affordable for all who enjoy the game of golf. They continue to be successful as they introduced the newest family member in the Hot Launch Series; HL4 Triple Combo Set. I love being a part of the Tour Edge family and having the opportunity to get these new pieces into my hands.

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Srixon Cleveland

Srixon Cleveland 2018 Review

Whats up GolfBalled Nation! It’s been a while but I am back! I’m happy to say that I have partnered with my good friends at Cleveland/Srixon to game their latest and greatest Z785 line of irons and woods. Also gaming Clevelands new RTX4 wedges and HB Collection putter. This is my new way of testing golf equipment. Playing 2 months of golf, which has been 17 rounds of golf, plus countless range sessions with the same bag! I will say this; every club in this bag has been custom fit for my swing (I always recommend you do this). This is not a “best of the best” post. I can never tell someone what is best for them. Only you can figure that out by demoing clubs/shafts combos but I will say this, from my time and experience with these clubs, they should be high on your list for trying out!  READ MORE



Ping G400 Iron Review


For an athlete that uses external equipment it needs to be an extension of their body. Whether it’s a baseball bat, a tennis racquet or a golf club the equipment has to feel good and work well.

Ping is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in the golf industry and they have worked tirelessly to engineer products that continue to make the golfer’s swing look effortless.

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Vega VC-01 Irons Review

Vega VC-01 Irons Review

For the last couple years, I have had the pleasure of seeking out and getting to know the people behind some of the best lesser known clubs being manufactured today. What I have found is that their attention to detail, craftsmanship, history and performance are as good if not better than the large OEM brands. When you put your name on a product you created it better be great. That was the case for my first two indy club builders Scott Golf and Miura and like Miura, my third club builder is based in Japan as well. Vega Golf, the first to produce forged cavity back irons was born in Ichikawa Japan when Samurai sword craftsmen realized they can use their forging skills to produce exquisite golf equipment.

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Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

In today's race to stay relevant and new in the golf club manufacturing realm, OEM's have been in labs testing new materials and elements that would give their line an edge over the rest. While some new concepts have fallen short in the delivery department, some have managed to succeed my expectations and have made the game of golf fun, easy and enjoyable. That's what golf should be for us hackers right? Mizuno, known for their proven Mizuno Players or Pro (MP) line, introduced the element Boron to their easier to hit JPX EZ Forged line last year to rave reviews.

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Air Force One Game Improvement Irons by AFO

Air Force One Game Improvement Irons by AFO

Nowadays it can be an exhausting challenge to stay in the know from the major OEM golf equipment releases from year to year.  Now try to add in the lesser known golf companies out there trying to make a splash in the game and that feat becomes non-existent.  Well fortunately for me, I was introduced to one of those lesser known companies with my review of the Air Force One Game Improvement Irons from AFO

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Wilson Staff C200 Irons Review

Within Wilson Staff's F-C-D lines of irons, the C200 irons have now changed the landscape for Wilson's C level irons.  C, which in past years was representative of Control irons, now stands for Crossover.  This perfectly constructed crossover iron is for the Mid to High handicap player looking for additional distance and forgiveness.Santé Nike
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Srixon Z355 Irons Review

Game improvement.  That's what Srixon was really focused on this season for their upcoming Z355 iron and fairway wood line.  Their main goal is to be as expendable as possible and touch basis with every level of the golf world as possible, this year focusing on the players who are looking forward to improve their game. 

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