Wilson Staff FG Tour V4 Utility Iron Review

Staff Writer: Rafael Padilla

Padraig Harrinton, Kevin Streelman, Ricky Barnes, Patricia Sanz, Sebastian Tinning, Virginia Espejo. The list goes on a little but these are all PGA and LPGA players who use and trust Wilson Staff and Wilson Golf equipment and I sure believe after I tried out the Wilson FG Tour V4 Utility Iron. 


Just like you, I wasn’t quite sure on what Wilson Staff was all about. I mean seriously, the last time I’ve seen a recognizable golf commercial from them is 3 years ago with Padraig Harrington talking about their ball series but never equipment! So I did my research and this is what Wilson Golf has to offer…


They provide 3 types of models in their equipment:

  • Feel
  • Control
  • Distance


In each of these categories comes with a series of irons or whatever clubs used


Feel is defined by the FG TourV4 series (Scratch and low players)

Control is defined by the C100 Series (intermediate skilled players)

and Distance is defined by the D200 series (Beginners to intermediate)


Yea, I was surprised too. All these series of clubs to match any player in the market and yet I never knew it but am I a fan of this Wilson FG Tour Utility Iron. The FG Tour V4 provides a long iron replacement option for stage players and amateurs alike. With a Kurokage Stiff shaft, 455 steel carpenter face (which is science talk for thinner and highly reactive face) and a tungsten insert in the toe you can rely on this club to go LONG and not lose control of it.


Here’s a little video of the summary I just wrote above:


Now they come in either an 18*, 21*, or a 24* so I put the 21* in my bag and got to hitting with it. Initially I thought, “This is gonna be clunky, they’re just copying what Taylormade and Callaway with their utility irons, I’m gonna hate this the first swing…”


Wilson Staff shut me the HE double hockey stick up.


From set up it looks like your typical long iron with just a little more muscle to it. And the usual issue with long irons is they may set up too open or closed at address but this bad boy sits perfectly straight. Thats a big issue for me is how my club lies at address, so they get a big gold star for that. Next is how it feels, and your not gonna like this. I took one swing with it and called my co-worker immediately and said “you’re going to have to fight me in a pit of snakes to get this club back”. This hollow constructed head and 455 carpenter steel face gives me all the feedback I want, and none of the stuff I don’t want. 

And in terms of how consistent the club works for me, well I bagged it the week I had 3 tournaments and from hitting 220 yards out onto the green, 13/15 greens in regulation and averaged -2 on Par 5’s all week. Not bad for a club I just put in the bag 4 days before. 


Now just one knock down though is the Kurokage shaft. Love the flex, love the kick, the weight is just a little too low for me. I have a pretty heavy shaft combo in my back so my tempo is used to it, making my pull the club across my body one too many times. Other than that WOAH WILSON GOLF. Where they have lacked in promoting they have not lacked in a quality club and I sure do believe it. I mean heck, if it was good for Arnold Palmer then it should be good for me too.


So here’s my grading on the Wilson FG Tour V4 Utility irons:


Looks: B

Feel: A+ 

Playability: B+


Thanks to Forum Member Rafael Padilla for your review! For more info on whats going on at Wilson Staff, visit http://www.wilson.com