Wilson Staff C200 Irons Review

Within Wilson Staff's F-C-D lines of irons, the C200 irons have now changed the landscape for Wilson's C level irons.  C, which in past years was representative of Control irons, now stands for Crossover.  This perfectly constructed crossover iron is for the Mid to High handicap player looking for additional distance and forgiveness.Santé Nike

After years and years of hearing empty marketing promises of added distance, I know that everyone gets desensitized to the various claims.  THIS IS NOT ONE OF THOSE EMPTY MARKETING PROMISES THOUGH.  Wilson Staff has legitimately created an iron with superior distance without an oversized clunky perimeter weighting system.  Other companies have introduced other slot/cut through technologies that generate a spring effect off the irons for more distance.  Wilson is the first to take the next step forward to introduceA "power holes" all around the face.  This allows a mis-hit to still have the same amazing trampoline effect off the face.

Explaining the Technology from Wilson Staff:

"At the core of the C200 clubs is cutting-edge, proprietary, patent-pending FLX Face™ Technology. This technology minimizes the contact points between the body and thin face. In fact, 76% of the thin face is actually free from the body of the iron, allowing for maximized face flex upon impact. These voids, known as Power Holes, are literal holes that go completely through the head and provide the space for the face to flex. They are then filled with a TE031 Urethane to provide outstanding feel for the game improvement player."

The C200 irons have a modern aggressive look which is consistent in the preceding C level irons from Wilson Staff.  There is a slight offset at address.  The size of the club heads are a bit larger than better player irons, but a bit more compact than many cavity back irons. 

In comparison to the C100 irons from last year, the C200 irons were also a bit more compact because they don't have to rely on perimeter weighting system of the C100 irons. 

The added distance generated is for REAL.  I had to adjust my gaps +10 to +15 yards to accommodate the added distance.  Some local golf pros got a hold of my 7 iron and were sending it 200-230 yards with just an easy swing.  The power holes surrounding the face legitimately give you added distance with every club.

These irons have a clean feel and a good balance.  Not too clunky when swinging either.  The best feeling with these C200 irons however is the feel of the ball literally jumping off the face. 


I can not rave enough about these irons.  I would recommend it to any mid to high handicap golfer looking to achieve consistency in their game.  I challenge ANYONE to give these a hit and not be impressed with the superior forgiveness and distance!