ScottGolf SG-02 Irons Review

In the last 4 years of testing at GolfBalled, I have hit the best equipment all the major OEM brands had to offer. With what seemed like unlimited R&D dollars many of these brands exceeded my expectations while some failed to impress. For this particular review however, I wanted to think outside the box and piece together a club combo from a smaller less known club maker. In order to meet my criteria for this review the irons must be hand forged from the best 1020 carbon steel. Detail to design and aesthetics must blow my mind, performance and playability must be legendary and they must be forged in the USA. Just a small must checklist I know, but I'm happy to say that my search for the finest forged iron crafted in the US lead me to Utah for the SG-02 by ScottGolf.

Nike Air Presto Fly



To complete the SG-02 irons, I went to KBS for the C-Taper Tour S+ shafts. Since I need a shaft that keeps my ball flight a little lower, these tend to be a shaft I am fit for quite often. Not only that but if it's good for Rickie Fowler, it must be good enough for me. And to keep my hands on the club I went with PureGrips. I fell in love with the DTX grips in my previous review so I felt like trying their even tackier P2 Wrap grip.


Scott Peterson and his team have a combined 30+ years of club making under their belts and the SG-02 from ScottGolf is the byproduct of passion, dedication and master craftsmanship. Designed to be forgiving, the SG-02 boasts some incredible distance numbers for a soft forged iron as well. My distance numbers on our FlightScope XiTour are very comparable to other brands with much more aggressive lofts. At address the SG-02  has a slightly larger top line than a blade and the muscle just pokes out a bit. It shows as a very confident club and still feels compact. The sole is not very large and each club has a sharper leading edge than other clubs I have tested. I have a steeper swing and I feel this leading edge design helps me accelerate through the ball quicker.


I didn't necessarily play the best golf of my life while I tested the SG-02 irons (thanks to not finding the fairway) but I did notice my ball striking with these irons improved quite a bit. I practice a lot and the combination of the KBS C-Taper Tour shafts and SG-02 irons gave me a more consistent ball flight both from a flighted standpoint as well as a distance standpoint.




Here is one of the best parts of the review. How much have you seen comparable hand forged and milled club heads go for lately? Many brands out of Japan sell for upwards of $3000 and they don't come close to performing like the SG-02 irons do. Scott has a special right now for $1050 with KBS Tour shafts and PureGrips. Absolutely worth every penny. Distance, Playability, Looks and Reasonability! My new gamers needed to be everything and more to replace my RSi2's and the SG-02 irons from ScottGolf have done that. For more information on the great brands that helped with this review, visit Scott Golf at KBS Golf Shafts and PureGrips FlightScope