Srixon Z355 Irons Review

Game improvement.  That's what Srixon was really focused on this season for their upcoming Z355 iron and fairway wood line.  Their main goal is to be as expendable as possible and touch basis with every level of the golf world as possible, this year focusing on the players who are looking forward to improve their game. 

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The Srixon Z355 irons were built for game improvement.  It incorporated some new technology not seen before on previous irons such as Action Mass™ and the Tour V.T sole.


  • Action Mass™
    A heavier head weight plus an ultra-high balance point shaft combine to deliver incredible consistency with maximum distance and forgiveness.
  • Optimized Set Construction
    A two-piece construction in the 4-7 irons – a powerful HT1770 maraging steel face (pictured) and resilient 17-4 steel body – and one-piece, softer 431 steel construction in the 8-iron through Approach Wedge offers full set playability and versatility.
  • Tour V.T. Sole
    A high-strength maraging steel face maximizes distance and forgiveness without compromising feel
  • Larger Sweet Spot
    A higher hosel section allows for an expanded face area, which creates a larger sweet spot.


In shorter terms, 'Action Mass™' made the face denser allowing the ball to come off the face more compressed and evenly, giving the player the highest possible chance for longer shots.  In the optimized set construction, it basically allows long irons to be hit easier and shorter clubs the ability for more control.  The V.T sole was helpful for contact for the ground and the ball. Lastly, a larger sweet spot.  The larger sweet spot allowed for smaller misses and more accurate shots to be produced.  Srixon delivered on technology this year, it's definitely not a stereotypical iron.

Hitting these irons was solid.  The feel was a bit raw; I believe it is because of the 'Action Mass™' & 'Optimized Set Construction' allowing feel to become less important than distance and forgiveness.  Since distance was such a big focal point this year, the weight distribution was handled better than expected allowing mis-hits to become more and more accurate.  The ball flight was lower than average for me, compared to my personal set.  I house a set of 714 AP2's which is more a tour performance set rather than game improvement.

I gamed these Z355 irons for a week straight.  My first round was a quick 9 holes and my first look was a 183 yard par 3, which was slightly uphill with a back pin location.  I decided to pull the trusty 6 iron.  It had a slightly different look at address with the offset and cavity, so it took me a couple of swings to get somewhat comfortable.  I addressed, focused on the front of the ball, and let everything else go.  I took it back and I felt an awkward feel with the weighting of the club, thinking it got off plane.  (According to my playing partner, nothing looked out of the norm.). I brought the iron back down to impact thinking I hit it wrong, chunky, and short of the green, but I was ABSOLUTELY WRONG.  I was 6 feet away from my first of many birdie opportunities with the Z355's.  Shot shaping wasn’t a strength, but these Z355 irons are straight as an arrow.  Spin was not very noticeable.  It just stuck there, no crazy backspin or sidespin. These Z355 irons definitely have distance control and forgiveness in mind.


Distance: A
Feel: B
Control: B

I didn't have a stiff enough shaft to accurately test it, but for the most part, it was average
Looks: B+
These irons have a more compact look despite the added perimeter weighting.  Had a slimmer look in comparison to similar game improvement irons from Mizuno, Wilson Staff, and Cobra.
Versatility: B+

Srixon created some very versatile irons because they focused so much on dividing the strengths of the longer irons and shorter irons with the Optimized Set Construction.

All in all, these Z355 irons were solid all around.  They are perfect clubs for the game improvement players.  The price point of these sticks are: $799.99 (8 piece Steel), $899.99 (8 piece Graphite) according to  If you are in the market for new game improvement irons, these Z355 irons come across beautifully with distance improvement and maximum shot efficiency.  Of course, if you're open to looking away from mainstream marketing, these Srixon Z355 irons will get the job done!