Ping G400 Iron Review


For an athlete that uses external equipment it needs to be an extension of their body. Whether it’s a baseball bat, a tennis racquet or a golf club the equipment has to feel good and work well.

Ping is one of the biggest and most recognizable names in the golf industry and they have worked tirelessly to engineer products that continue to make the golfer’s swing look effortless.

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The Ping G400 Iron has new face flexing technology designed to launch the ball off the club faster and higher giving you the ability to work smarter and not harder in your game. One of Ping’s  hopes is that when you go into the green you’ll have one less club but still have the height and stopping power of a lesser lofted club.






The G400 clubs have a clean streamlined look of stainless steel with a premium chrome finish. They are much more than a sexy body because the finish reduces friction and improves launch and spin in wet conditions as well as hitting out of the rough. These clubs have the sleek look of a blade versus a golf club.



Ping’s new COR-Eye technology allows the golfer the ability to generate more ball speed and height which gives greater distance and better ball control onto the green.


The long irons have a lighter shaft that helps to square the clubface and increase speed and distance while the short irons and wedges have heavier shafts for improved trajectory and control.



Ping has always given the golfer a variety of options in grip styles and preferences but the technology in the G400 clubs creates a feeling of weightlessness and smoothness in the swing that is effortless.



After playing multiple rounds with the new Ping G400 clubs I can honestly say that they allowed me to focus on the intricacies of my game because I could count on their forgiveness and distance even on mishits. The smoothness of these clubs allows you to hit your spot every time. 


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