Srixon Cleveland 2018 Review

Whats up GolfBalled Nation! It’s been a while but I am back! I’m happy to say that I have partnered with my good friends at Cleveland/Srixon to game their latest and greatest Z785 line of irons and woods. Also gaming Clevelands new RTX4 wedges and HB Collection putter. This is my new way of testing golf equipment. Playing 2 months of golf, which has been 17 rounds of golf, plus countless range sessions with the same bag! I will say this; every club in this bag has been custom fit for my swing (I always recommend you do this). This is not a “best of the best” post. I can never tell someone what is best for them. Only you can figure that out by demoing clubs/shafts combos but I will say this, from my time and experience with these clubs, they should be high on your list for trying out!  READ MORE