Tour Edge HL4 Triple Combo Set

Tour Edge has always been known for the mission of providing high quality and technologically advanced products that are still affordable for all who enjoy the game of golf. They continue to be successful as they introduced the newest family member in the Hot Launch Series; HL4 Triple Combo Set. I love being a part of the Tour Edge family and having the opportunity to get these new pieces into my hands.







The new HL4 Triple Combo Set clearly comes as a full package but can be purchased as individual clubs as well; although I think you’ll love each and every club in this set!  Tour Edge strongly believes that these new Iron-Woods surpass all hybrid expectations with the thin forged faced and increased forgiveness. 







Having the HL3 set in my bag for some time now I was excited to see the difference between the two sets. Once I received my HL4 Triple Combo Set which includes two HL4 Hybrids, two HL4 Iron-Woods and three HL4 Irons, I was able to see that difference immediately in the simple physical features.  The HL4 Iron-Woods have a steel body and continue the wide and heavy sole of their predecessors but with more umph.  The HL4 has a wider face which is designed to give greater forgiveness, accuracy and power. The super-thin forged steel face also gives the ball more spring off the club allowing you to achieve greater distance with the same swing you’ve always had. 





The HL4 also has an undercut cavity which allows the weight to shift from the face to the sole of the club and in turn create a higher launch angle and more stability.  I found that when I used the HL4 the apex was higher and straighter even on off-centered hits. I have had numerous friends see me using the HL4 combo set and chosen to go out to purchase a set for themselves regardless of the many options available on the market today. The one complaint was that this set would not allow him to shape his shots as he used to; as a cut etc, but he very quickly learned that indeed he could do everything he had done before because it happened when he least expected it. Conclusion being, it was him that was the issue, not the irons lol! Bonus is he realized that was the case as well.





Over the past few months I have traveled coast to coast, north and south, in all different climates, areas and the kinds of conditions yet still feel that these clubs are my consistent go-to no matter what kind of course I find myself on.  The consistency of play and ease of adjustment in all different terrains is a testament to the HL4 and it’s overall quality at a price point that’s reasonable for most any golfer. This is a combo set that will remain in my bag for quite some time.