Mizuno MP18 Review

Mizuno MP18 Review

Through the years I have had an opportunity to test many of Mizunos irons. Starting with the MP54, 15, 25, H4, H5 and the JPX Forged Irons. All these great and innovative clubs but never their blades. Blades were always clubs I feared. Yes, I can hit them but can I do it consistently? A believer in "game whats easy to swing" or "whatever makes the game easier". Although I still agree to those motto's I have coined in the past, I feel my stance on hitting clubs I "feared" has softened as well. For 2018, my new years resolution was to grow as a golfer. Conquer my fears of hitting blades and just go for it. When the opportunity came to choose my Mizuno testing clubs, the decision to test the MP18's with the KBS Custom Tour White Pearl XStiff shafts was a no brainier! READ MORE

Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

In today's race to stay relevant and new in the golf club manufacturing realm, OEM's have been in labs testing new materials and elements that would give their line an edge over the rest. While some new concepts have fallen short in the delivery department, some have managed to succeed my expectations and have made the game of golf fun, easy and enjoyable. That's what golf should be for us hackers right? Mizuno, known for their proven Mizuno Players or Pro (MP) line, introduced the element Boron to their easier to hit JPX EZ Forged line last year to rave reviews.

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Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Irons Review

Mizuno has brought to market a great set of clubs this year, the JPX-850 Forged irons. Typically Mizuno uses 1025E steel in their forging process but this year they incorporated 1025 Boron, which is a stronger metal allowing the iron face to be forged thinner for more distance and forgiveness. The JPX-850 Forged features the “Power Frame Technology,” creating a larger sweet spot without making the club head any bigger.

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Mizuno MP H5 Irons Review

Mizuno MP H5 Irons Review

Last year I had an opportunity to test any set of Mizuno MP iron. With so many sexy and buttery smooth irons to choose from, I found myself drawn to the MP H4 irons. Why? Well, if there was one thing I wanted to get across to my readers was that easier is better. It doesn't matter if you are a scratch golfer or a 20 handicap trying to break 80. If there is new technology out there geared to helping us as golfers swing the club more efficiently, I want to try it and let you know about it. Sometimes OEMs hit home runs and sometimes little things are missing that can make a good idea great.  For 2015, I found myself in the same position and grabbed a set of MP H5 irons. If there is one thing I enjoy doing its testing new versions of old irons to see if the OEM listened to improve upon their good ideas.

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Mizuno MP15 Review

Mizuno MP15 Review

As we all know Mizuno has always taken pride in their products. They seek to provide the best feeling, the best looking and the best performing iron on the market and sure enough they do provide that product in the golf world. Their most famous golfer on staff is the man you won’t ever find any dirt on, because he has none, is Luke Donald. 5 PGA victories, 7 European Tour wins, 2 in Japan and 3rd place finalist in the Masters, Luke Donald is quite the golfer so he needs the right club in his hand and thats why he has bagged the MP 15 irons by Mizuno.

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Mizuno JPX EZ irons review

JPX EZ Irons Review

Mizuno’s reputation has always been producing some of the best performing irons on market.  Mizuno’s expansion beyond the better players market into the game improvement and Max game improvement markets with the JPX line of irons is a sure fire winner.

As the resident Max Game Improvement tester, I can confidently lead out and say that the JPX EZ irons are easily some of my favorite irons that I have tested. 

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Mizuno JPX800 Irons

Readers Digest version: Forgiving, Nice topline, great ball flight (with PX 6.0 Shaft combo!).

A very short backstory, went to get "Fit" for the first time since 2002. Hit the Mizuno shaft optimizer and decided to go with the Project X 6.0 Stiff (My avg Swing Speed on the optimizer with their 6 iron was 92-94.) 1/2" longer and 2* upright with medium sized NDMC Golf Pride grips. 

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