Mizuno MP H4 Irons Review

Mizuno's MP line of irons are considered to be the gold standard in feel and performance. It starts with Mizuno's process of producing the finest forgings (Grain Flow Forged) in the world, with the tightest, most uniform grain structure available for an unparalleled soft, solid and consistent feel.  


The MP line has the reputation as being the best feeling forged iron out on the course. Everyone I have spoken to who own a set or have demoed a set of MP irons will back that claim up. Now it was my turn. Scoping out the MP line, one set stood out to me. The MP H4 irons. They looked a little more unorthodox than the others and Mizuno's claim that they have the Most Forgiveness and Playability for any other iron ever Introduced to the Better Player's Market had me even more intrigued.

Mizuno understands that the MP H4 won't be for everyone. Mizuno believes the MP H4 should appeal to a 2-14 handicap player (I am a 7 handicap) looking for the feel and sound of an MP iron but with easy to hit and launch long irons.  What Mizuno came up with was a blend of hybrid long irons to half-cavity scoring irons.

The Tech:

Mizuno engineers created an iron set which consists of three different iron designs that deliver near the legal limit COR (Coefficient of Restitution, or "spring like effect) and deep COG (Center of Gravity) which deliver long, consistent distance and an easy, high launch, hollow mid irons that offer a medium level COR and very large Sweet Area for controlled distance and forgiveness, and compact half-cavity scoring irons for precision and trajectory control. Each of the three head constructions are seamlessly blended for feel, trajectory, and ball control.


I was excited to test these clubs. I believe easy to hit is better and who doesn't want a little more forgiveness and playability in a players iron. I went into my testing with an open mind and ended my testing having mixed feelings.

Let's start with what I loved most about the MP H4 irons. The scoring irons (8-PW). These 1/2 cavity players irons were what I was expecting from all the praise I have heard from fellow Mizuno MP owners. Soft feel, controlled flight and great looks. 160-130 yards was target practice for me.  My low round of the year was shot with these scoring irons and I can say it was due to the fact that they are very accurate. What you will notice with these irons though is that the club head is a little larger, there is a tad more offset and the top line and soul are larger than any other player iron out right now.  I expected those attributes when I chose the MP H4 irons and used them to my advantage.

Now the tolerable. Like I said, I came into this review with an open mind. New technology designed to make the game of golf easier and more enjoyable. The hybrid mid irons (5-7).  Unlike the scoring irons, these hybrid mid irons are hollow, have an even wider top line and soul. I say tolerable because yes, they are easy to hit but they lack feel at contact like a true players iron would have. Still very accurate from 200-165 yards out but too big on the top line for me.

And finally, the hybrid long irons (2-4). The only iron in this range I play is the 4 iron and I seemed to have a total disconnect with it. My 4 iron is good for 220 yards and I never really had any issues hitting my compact players long irons but found myself having a hard time with the MP H4 in consistency. I found myself striking the ball poorly as much as I hit it well. This might sound strange, but looking down the top line, the club looked and felt round. The club head looks bloated and not compact.


I have no regrets that these were the irons I chose of the many great irons in Mizuno's MP line. I appreciate what they are striving to accomplish with the MP H4 irons. I have a feeling that a 10-14 handicap looking to ditch their game improvement irons for a set of easy to hit players irons would be a fool not to hit these irons. On the other hand, the 2-9 handicap scoring with their existing players irons might need time to adjust to the size and feel of these irons. I would like to have seen the mid and long irons less bloated looking and have more angular lines. That would make the club feel more compact and most importantly more like a players iron.  For more information, visit www.mizunousa.com