JPX EZ Irons Review

Mizuno’s reputation has always been producing some of the best performing irons on market.  Mizuno’s expansion beyond the better players market into the game improvement and Max game improvement markets with the JPX line of irons is a sure fire winner.

As the resident Max Game Improvement tester, I can confidently lead out and say that the JPX EZ irons are easily some of my favorite irons that I have tested. 

Nike Dame Sko Udsalg

The Look
I love the gun metal matte finish of the JPX EZ irons.  The contrast of the darker matte finish to the light grey face allows for more focus at address.  In my opinion the contrasting tones on the face psychologically adds focus for better ball striking and aligning your shot.   

A staple of Max Game improvement irons is the additional weighting along the base of the iron’s face to promote a lower and deeper center of gravity for improved launch.  The JPX EZ irons surprisingly hides it’s perimeter weighting well.   Most max game improvement irons are ultra bulky and have extremely wide profiles that scream two things.  ROOKIE and EYE SORE.  These JPX EZ irons are constructed in a manner which provides the forgiveness and added distance without the embarrassment of toting around massive “rookie” clubs.  Golfers seeking max game improvement irons can now proudly showcase their bag with confidence with these JPX EZ irons.

The Technology
Mizuno has developed a HOT METAL FACE with a massive sweet spot which claims to be 55% larger than Ping G25 irons, 83% larger than TaylorMade RocketBladez irons, and even 102% larger than TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons.   The massive sweet spot allows for amazing forgiveness on inner and outer mishits on the face.

The JPX EZ irons are also constructed with a Max COR ultra pocket cavity design which allows for maximum distance to go along with its maximum forgiveness.  The thin, multi-thickness face design allows for a maximum efficiency in the transfer of energy upon ball striking which generates the highest allowable ball speed yielding max distance.     

The EZ deep pocket cavity design of the JPZ EZ irons creates a deep and low center of gravity (COG) which allows for an effortless launch and increased accuracy.

While “technical” speak sounds great, the main reason for such EZ launch in these irons is that Mizuno has constructed each JPX EZ iron with at least an extra degree of loft.  Additionally, each iron is built with a certain degree of bounce which also helps with launch.  Bounce is the angle of the sole against the ground at address.  A higher degree of bounce allows the club to better run over the ground as opposed to cutting into it.  This allows for a cleaner impact and purer strike which also yields consistency.    

From Mizuno’s website:
“Combining Mizuno’s HOT METAL face design and ultra pocket cavity (4-7 iron) the JPX-EZ irons fire higher and longer with a predictable, tight dispersion. The Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.) engineered cavity frame ensures that the JPX-EZ feels like every Mizuno iron should, but with forgiveness you can’t imagine.

Attack the course. Play like you’ve never played before with the JPX-EZ.”

I have about 6 rounds under my belt with these JPX EZ irons and I have to honestly say that I haven’t gamed a more consistent iron.  I seem to get about 5-10 yards extra distance in each iron because of the hot metal face and pocket cavity.  The “EASE” of launch (created by the added loft and bounce) matched with this added distance has allowed me to achieve that consistency I need in irons.  As a high handicap player, I have finally achieved consistent distance gaps in my irons and I can say that this confidence has lead to me easily shave strokes off my handicap.  

The overall forgiveness is definitely there.  My occasional low toe mishits seem to still find a way to travel towards the target.   Even with mishits being slightly off target, these irons have seemed to eliminate those occasional hard slices completely. 

Supplementary to the superb technology in the construction of the JPX EZ irons, Mizuno has achieved a good feeling iron in terms of balance.  I touched on this earlier that a big down fall of max game improvement clubs is the feeling of swinging an oversized wrecking ball.  The JPX EZ irons have established a smooth balanced feel with a surprisingly sliming address. 

Final Thoughts
Mizuno has constructed irons that have truly lived up to its name because they are so EZ to hit!

To sum it up quickly, you get a smooth balanced feel along with ALL of the forgiveness, distance, and launch of a super max game improvement iron without the feeling that you are hitting bulky irons. 

Mizuno recommends the JPX EZ  irons for a handicap spectrum of 10 to 35.  I would probably narrow that spectrum a bit and recommend these irons for a 15 or 18 through 35 handicap.  I would make a switch to the JPX EZ Forged irons around the 8-18 handicap range for better players. 

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