Mizuno MP15 Review

As we all know Mizuno has always taken pride in their products. They seek to provide the best feeling, the best looking and the best performing iron on the market and sure enough they do provide that product in the golf world. Their most famous golfer on staff is the man you won’t ever find any dirt on, because he has none, is Luke Donald. 5 PGA victories, 7 European Tour wins, 2 in Japan and 3rd place finalist in the Masters, Luke Donald is quite the golfer so he needs the right club in his hand and thats why he has bagged the MP 15 irons by Mizuno.

Here’s a little info on what the MP 15 series is all about:

- Embodies the balance of a traditional look along with the modern golf technology of today

- Titled a “Game Enhancement” club meaning for those who are avid golfers with a consistent swing (0-8 handicap)

- Has a 3D Titanium Insert in the back of the iron. This is a 10 gram insert of multi materials (including titanium) to replace 38 grams of steel making it a lighter club, maintaining solid fee, and an increased MOI

- Grain Flow Forged: Mizunos BIGGEST characteristic with their forged irons and any forged market, making it the HIGHEST quality of forged iron processing

- Blade like address, forged feel, and a forgiving insert.


Here’s a great video of Luke Donald and Senior Club Engineer Chris Voshall talking about the MP 15


So, reading about all of the specs I couldn’t wait to try them out. The MP 15’s that I was handed had the KBS Tour 120g Stiff shaft which is a high launch tour series shaft. Im a 3 handicap with an already high launching shot I knew these wouldn’t work for me but that is besides the point here. With the 15 shaft options that Mizuno offers for free, critiquing the shaft is the last of my worries because its all about the head of this club.

It looks like all the other blade/blade like irons that Mizuno produces, slick and clean. Like a fancy butter knife that you only use once at someones wedding, but this butter knife was made to cut up the golf course.

The contact is pretty solid, you hit the sweet spot and you can’t even feel the ball but the mis-hits are similar. Because of the Ti Muscle in the back it really dampens your mis-hits and helped my spray levels go down maybe 3-4 yards left or right which is pretty awesome! Only thing I will say I did not like from my mis-hits is that I prefer to feel it a little bit more than I did with the MP 15’s.

The shot shape-ability is endless with this club which was my initial worry. Any time you put some sort of “forgiving” material in the back of a club you really compromise a huge part of how one can shape shots with an iron but this is not the case with the MP 15. High and Low shots, Draws and Fades, Punches and Flops with all these irons felt absolutely great. Even a Flop 3 iron for a 140 flag around trees was do-able (Don’t ask why I did it).

Luke Donald testing out some fun with the MP 15


One thing I did like that I thought I wasn’t going to like was the feeling of the good hits with the Ti Muscle. I thought “Its gonna give me some sort of weird extra feeling I’m not going to like” but sure enough I had no issue with it. It almost felt like every time I pured my shot the muscle gave me the feeling of a little high five and said “Hey bro, nice shot”

And this club is LONG for me. 220 yard 4 iron shots long. 7 irons flying 180 long. This club made me feel comfortable enough with my 88 mph iron swing speed to swing easier and more compact without having to lose my distance and better my control.

So here’s my grading for the MP 15’s

Looks: A

Feel on Good Shots: A

Feel on Bad Shots: B+

Shot Shape: A

Shaft: C (personal preference)

Overall: B+