Mizuno MP H5 Irons Review

Last year I had an opportunity to test any set of Mizuno MP iron. With so many sexy and buttery smooth irons to choose from, I found myself drawn to the MP H4 irons. Why? Well, if there was one thing I wanted to get across to my readers was that easier is better. It doesn't matter if you are a scratch golfer or a 20 handicap trying to break 80. If there is new technology out there geared to helping us as golfers swing the club more efficiently, I want to try it and let you know about it. Sometimes OEMs hit home runs and sometimes little things are missing that can make a good idea great.  For 2015, I found myself in the same position and grabbed a set of MP H5 irons. If there is one thing I enjoy doing its testing new versions of old irons to see if the OEM listened to improve upon their good ideas.



The first thing I noticed was that the KBS CTaper was still the shaft used but unlike last year, they have the LITE version installed. 20 grams lighter and built to launch the ball. For someone that has no problem getting the ball in the air I was hoping this wouldn't hinder the performance of an already easy to launch iron. It wasn't! The club does feel much lighter in your hand but the clubs still feel balanced. Another thing I noticed was that the HP H5 irons include 7-PW forged instead of just the 8-PW. This is a HUGE improvement in my book and a welcome change. Now the new things you can't see. The 3-6 irons face is now cast with 1770 maraging steel. What does this mean to you and I? It means you get a stronger steel that is able to be formed thinner than other steels. This allowed Mizuno to remove weight but make it stronger. Details in design to help golfers perform better. Plus for me, made the cast and hollow irons feel just as good as the partially hollow forged irons. I believe this made for a better set flow from long to scoring iron.



If you are a 0-15 handicap and can look past the thicker top line, larger soles and hollow long irons then you are looking at a set of Mizuno MP irons that are easy to hit, have tremendous distance and control and are easy to score with. Mizuno made the right adjustments from last year to make the MP H5 a true contender in the better players market looking a "little technology" to help them play golf better. For more information on Mizuno and the MP H5 irons, visit www.mizunousa.com