Mizuno MP25 Irons Review

In today's race to stay relevant and new in the golf club manufacturing realm, OEM's have been in labs testing new materials and elements that would give their line an edge over the rest. While some new concepts have fallen short in the delivery department, some have managed to succeed my expectations and have made the game of golf fun, easy and enjoyable. That's what golf should be for us hackers right? Mizuno, known for their proven Mizuno Players or Pro (MP) line, introduced the element Boron to their easier to hit JPX EZ Forged line last year to rave reviews.

Popular Off-White

Boron is a high-strength, lightweight material that is used chiefly for advanced aerospace structures as a component of composite materials. With the science jargon out of the way, let's focus again on making golf easier and more enjoyable. Does the addition of Boron to the 1025 Carbon Grain Flow forging process do that?



I have to say yes. I find it very noticeable, especially after going back and hitting the MP54 and MP15 irons. The MP25 irons from a performance standpoint are on par with the others I mentioned but where they shine to me is in the feel department. Pured hits as well as mishits have a better sound off the face and are more forgiving to the hands. The MP25 irons were not the longest or the shortest but they did have the highest smash factor of irons tested and that means better contact and more consistency.


The MP25's still have that clean, monochromatic classic look you would expect from a Mizuno MP iron. The new micro slot blends into the design very well and the little offset and narrow (but not too narrow) top line gave me plenty confidence at address. The True Temper Project X 6.5 shafts and Golf Pride decade grips complimented the already classy looks of the 25's.



So, Mizuno says a 0-10 handicap would benefit the most from the MP25's and although I agree with them, I feel anyone up to a 20 would enjoy and benefit from these clubs. Especially if you are serious about being a better golfer. Although they fell short (no pun intended) in distance, they more than made up for it in feel and overall playability. And let's be honest, we are talking about 5 yards average with a 7 iron. I love it when new technology works. For more info on the MP25's, visit MizunoGolf