Miura KM008 Small Blade Putter Review

Miura KM008 Small Blade Putter Review

Although not a household name in golf, Miura stands for everything that is pure in club making. The best carbon steel, forging and milling like no other, exclusivity and hand grinded by the best in the business. For this review, Miura has sent me their new KM008 putter. An improved version of the retired and very popular Miura KM 350 (Small Blade Putter), Miura san re-designed this putter for players seeking the very best. Now, I can attest to the fact that the KM008 is of the finest materials and build quality. And yes, it's gorgeous to look at. But, does that translate to low scores on the greens? Let's find out.

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Cure CX2 Putter Review

Those that have been golfing for as long as I have must have gone through a lot of putters. Let’s be honest, we all mishit shots especially on the green when you are trying to sink that birdie or save par. We do it and so do the pros. One putter company that has been sinking putts and making waves on the Champions Tour is Cure Putters. Cure prides themselves on being a manufacture of a putter than you can increase/decrease the MOI (Moment of Inertia) and weight of your putter with the simple change of some screws. A great example of this is the new Cure CX2 putter.

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BirdieBall Putting Green Review

Staff Writer: Joe Giguere

Have you been looking to practice your short game at home or are you tired of rolling putts on the carpet that really doesn’t have the same feel of a real green? BirdieBall has the product for you, the BirdieBall Putting Green. It comes in various sizes depending on the area you have to work, from 1 by 8 feet to 4 by 18 feet in standard sizes and complete a custom package with “Build Your Own Putting Green.” BirdieBall has the size perfect for your area.

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