BirdieBall Putting Green Review

Staff Writer: Joe Giguere

Have you been looking to practice your short game at home or are you tired of rolling putts on the carpet that really doesn’t have the same feel of a real green? BirdieBall has the product for you, the BirdieBall Putting Green. It comes in various sizes depending on the area you have to work, from 1 by 8 feet to 4 by 18 feet in standard sizes and complete a custom package with “Build Your Own Putting Green.” BirdieBall has the size perfect for your area.


My current setup had a piece of turf from a local home improvement store. It worked but was far from accurate (as you can see the waves in the green lol). The BirdieBall Putting Green straight out of the box was big improvement from my current set up.


The instructions to put the green together were very specific and straight forward. It gave very good pictures and explained exactly which each part does and how to install it.



This putting green came already cut with multiple cups on both sides of the green. The cups that it came with went in easy and were designed well with holes cut out for balls to drop in. It also came with a high back cup, so when you are putting if you were to hit the cup it would not go past. Some of the other pieces were an elevation/cup extender for an elevated hole, shims to change the contour/break of the green and lastly rubber edging with a lip and no lip. The edging with the lip is a nice addition to the green to add to the side of the green or the back of the green where you are putting to. In this installation I put these along the side not against the wall. I did wish that the green came with full edging that had the lip but in this review I had enough for behind the cups and 1 long side.


After setting up all the cups and edging, I was a little skeptical about stepping onto the green being a bigger golfer I thought I would leave foot prints in the green. After stepping onto the green, the green felt squishy and once I stepped off the green rebounded back to its original form. Another feature of the BirdieBall putting green is the ability to speed up and down the green. The putting green has a grain, if you were to use a stiff broom to sweep the green in the opposite direction it will change the direction of the grain causing the speed to change as well.


Playing on the green for a couple of weeks I found that the flag sticks did not hold very well into the cups and I preferred to have the flag sticks out. Also with the shims I found that they were a little too thick and added too much of a break. I want to trim them a little and see if it will help but the shims were the same thickness as the mat. I think they should be half the thickness and maybe taper but the shims do exactly as they are supposed to, change the contour of the green.


Overall the BirdieBall green is very solid and well designed. For those looking to get a realistic putting green feel and not break the bank, the BirdieBall Putting Green is a definite must try. For a 4 by 10 foot putting green it will set you back $129.99 on their website. You really can’t go wrong at this price point. On another note I do practice on this green my chip shots with bump and runs, so this is another plus. I really love putting on this green, it gives me great practice time in the house when I can’t make it to the course. Even with the few minor things that could be changed the BirdieBall Putting Green is a great addition to any golfers home to get more practice in. For more information about BirdieBall and their putting greens, visit their website at