Miura KM008 Small Blade Putter Review

Although not a household name in golf, Miura stands for everything that is pure in club making. The best carbon steel, forging and milling like no other, exclusivity and hand grinded by the best in the business. For this review, Miura has sent me their new KM008 putter. An improved version of the retired and very popular Miura KM 350 (Small Blade Putter), Miura san re-designed this putter for players seeking the very best. Now, I can attest to the fact that the KM008 is of the finest materials and build quality. And yes, it's gorgeous to look at. But, does that translate to low scores on the greens? Let's find out.



Quick blurb from Miura:

“Designed for players seeking the very best” says Katsuhiro Miura.

This new Miura “Series 1957” Blade putter goes through the same forging process which makes the Miura Irons so successful in the consistency of the strike of the ball and in terms of feel. The Miura craftsmanship has been transferred to this toe weighted offset blade putter with a classic oiled chrome finish, which very much compliment its soft visual features.


This putter which comes at 350gms and confirms it is possible to match looks with performance. The milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a strike which transmits to the feel, distance control and in achieving the truest of rolls from reduced skid.


Those who follow my reviews know that I am a huge advocate for using equipment designed to make the game of golf easier, more fun and built for your swing. I am currently a 7 handicap but want help anywhere I can get it. Unfortunately for me, the putter built for someone seeking the very best didn't translate to reduced strokes on the greens. I averaged close to 7 more strokes on the greens with the KM008 putter. I personally don't understand the concept of reducing the club face by a 1/4 and removing any type of alignment help on the putter. In an area of my game I tend to lack confidence, the KM008 Small Blade Putter didn't help build it up. Not all was bad during my time with the KM008 putter though. Staying true to being the softest and finest forged club, the ball came off the milled face pure and at 509 grams with a super stroke mid slim 2.0 grip, the KM008 felt great in my hands.


The KM008 Small Blade Putter is beautiful to look at, made from the finest materials and handcrafted to perfection. But, it's not made for me. Doesn't mean I'm not looking for the best. I'm just looking for the best for my game. Miura does have other offerings that better suite my game but am thankful to have had the opportunity to game the KM008 Small Blade Putter. For more information on Miura and their insanely pure clubs, check out www.miuragolf.com #discoverperfection