Kickstand Putters Review - Bringing Clubs Back to Life

Have you ever had a club in your bag that you have kept for years that is on its last leg and looking sad or maybe you don’t take care of your clubs very well and it may have rust or damage? Have no fear, Kickstand Putters can take your club and make it just like new.



Ken Hissam is the owner and magician behind Kickstand Putters based in North Carolina. In the beginning, there were many disbelievers that had doubt about Ken being able to start up a company like Kickstand. Ken researched and found a local polishing shop where he met the owner there and he took him under his wing to learn all things about metal and what it took to bring golf clubs especially putters back to life. Ken was patient making sure he learns all that he can from the local shop owner learning over the course of a year. He says that the key to making any club turn out great is the prep that is taken before the refinish process happens.


Kickstand Putters offer 4 types of finishes, black oxide, nickel, raw stainless or raw carbon steel. These finishes can come in either a high shine, satin (brushed) or matte. For a refinishing company, Kickstand Putters are very reasonably priced ranging from $85 to $110. Ken is very customer driven and wants to make sure you are happy with your club refinishing process so he allows customers to send clubs in and you do not pay him until you are satisfied with the outcome. I have to say, the clubs that I sent to Ken for this review had rust, bag chatter damage, dings and just needed a bunch of TLC.


Here are a couple of before shots of the putters I sent to Kickstand Putters before refinishing. I tried to send a variety to give our readers all different types of options Kickstand has to offer.

The putters took a couple of weeks to process and along the way Ken and I were in close contact each step of the way showing me pictures of how they were coming along. Like I said before, Ken is customer driven. He wants to make sure you are completely happy with your decision to send your clubs into Kickstand Putters for all your refinishing needs. Whether it is via social media on Instagram or via email, I loved the teaser pictures he would send me along the way but actually getting them in person, I was blown away with them.


Here are the putters after they came back from Kickstand Putters.

Ping in a matte nickel finish

Scotty Cameron TeI3 in a shiny black oxide finish. As you can see here, the top line that was completely tore up, is a thing of beauty now!

Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1 in a satin black oxide finish. From the before pictures, the previous owner tried to heat treat it or just didn’t really care about it. Now it’s probably my favorite piece in my collection.

Scotty Cameron Studio Design 3.5 in a satin nickel finish on the top and a high shine nickel sole. I love the contrast of this putter, the satin finish and shiny bottom complement each other well.

Titleist Bullseye in a high shine finish. This is one that I have had since I started golfing almost 25 years ago. Ken brought me back to my childhood again when this putter was first purchased.


As you can see from the pictures, Ken really outdid himself and exceeded my expectations with his skills and ability to take the putters to the next level. It’s hard not to game these but I am a real golfer and I am sure I will game each one of these in the bag this year. If you are looking for more information about Kickstand Putters or would like to see more pictures of clubs Ken has done, please visit his website at If you would like to contact Ken about refinishing one of your own clubs, you can email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .