Clutch Putters Review

One of the most gratifying feelings in the many years of being a golf product tester is being able to showcase the startup/lesser known golf companies willing to take the chance on a passionate idea. Not many people know this but that's how I got involved in the industry. Starting with a simple idea, going through the patent process, testing, manufacturing and finally bringing the finished product to market is an exhilarating feeling. Sometimes it catches on and sometimes you need to move on. When I was approached by the crew at Clutch Putters, I saw a product that not only caught my attention but I can tell it was created by people who had the same passion as myself.




The first thing everyone thinks when they see the putter for the first time is "Wow, is that a PXG putter?" Uh, no! It's easy to mistaken the Clutch Putter as one because of the 7 distinctive slots for adjustable steel or delrin weights. Depending on the speed of the greens or your preferred weight of the putter, you can set up the Clutch to have +/- 42 grams with the maximum weight being 361 grams.


One of the best features, to me at least, is the use of 6061 T6 aluminum. Not only is the putter head 100% CNC milled from a solid block but the material is so soft! I personally love soft inserts in putters and the use of the aluminum gives the same feeling without the use of an insert. Also, no grooves on the face. Instead, Clutch has moved weight to the top of the putter to move COG to the center of the ball to produce not only a larger sweet spot but also more forward roll. Another great feature is the alignment line on the putter. It's not a "traditional" painted line on the top of the putter. The V shape flange creates a blacked out contrast line that is very subtle to the eye but also very easy to line up your putts thus keeping that blacked out look of the putter.


I have 9 rounds of golf under my belt with the Clutch Putter and 2 of them have been sub 30 putts. For me that's huge! I average close to 34 putts per round so that is a stroke saver for sure. Like all new product designs there are some issues. There has been some oil build up in the holes for weights and from an aesthetic point of view, the PVD on the screws come off when tightening them and  I need something other than a black neoprene head cover to protect the putter. I also feel that all great putters are named after their designers and you my friend, have a great putter! For more info, go check out