Stabilizing Your ROLL

As with any sport it all comes down to the equipment.  The athlete has to have the ability and the equipment to be as successful as they could possibly be. The new OLD Kids on the block when it comes to shafts is BGT; Breakthrough Golf Technology . With a 100 yes a hundred years of experience at BGT they pride themselves in being able to see just what is missing in today’s golf equipment. Through hard work and innovation BGT is fixing and filling in those missing pieces. With a state of the art facility and precision technology BGT’s goal is to provide the finest golf shafts available.  



About a month ago I received a Press Release from their PR firm introducing me to BGT. I found it very interesting so when the opportunity came to test and review the Stability Shaft I accepted. First thing that needed to be done was ship off my putter. I have to be honest that was the hardest part for me. I play often okay a lot and giving up my gamer wasn’t going to be easy. I packed up my Cleveland Huntington Beach 1.0 Putter and an extra grip just in case they didn’t have the same or similar one currently installed. In their FAQ I had read that you should expect to install a new one and I’m picky about my grips and shipped them off.




Before                                                         After


The turnaround time for getting my putter back was fast, easy and pain free. I should mention that BGT is growing so while I sent my putter in they encourage you to get yours at golf retailers.

You can email them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find a retailer in your area. Which is really good because BGT wants you to try the shaft out before you commit.


I couldn’t wait to crack open the box and see the transformation. It was an emotional moment for me she’s my current gamer afterall. First thing I noticed was the extra grip I sent them was returned unused. Then I saw my original grip on my putter. Wait was this returned without having the shaft changed???? NO; they reinstalled my original grip on the Stability Shaft! I was happy that they were able to save it. It’s a Cleveland Golf Putter grip.




When I removed my putter from the box I could feel that it was different. There was a much more solid and stable feel but it didn’t feel heavier or ackward in any way. How would this translate on the putting greens…….. First round first green first putt (That’s a lot of first) oh my I was short. Really short, but I was on target . Yes a positive thought, my new coach has me looking at things differently. This seemed to be the trend for me for the first 5-6 holes of that round. I needed to get comfortable with what appeared to be a new ball pace. The putter was definitely more stable even when I intentionally hit it off center. I never felt the putter face twist in my hands when I putted off toe. I liked it a lot, and the ball stayed closer online to target on these off hits. Things started to come together as my confidence grew with dialing in the speed and the feel of ball when it hit off the face. The ball appeared to start rolling sooner for me instead of sliding and then rolling.

In the end if you are looking to improve your putting the Stability Shaft from BGT could be for you. It does help you achieve a square face at impact which helps in your accuracy. My roll is much more consistent which has helped me with my distance control. The Stability Shaft definitely makes my putter feel solid. I think it has helped and has translated to fewer putts for me. With a product that works, I feel the need to give BGT a Big Thank you for their commitment to various charities but specifically to Folds of Honor which I have always been a supporter of and their products. Well done Breakthrough Golf Technology , I look forward to what else you guys have up your sleeves in the future. Here’s to rolling better putts !