Breaking In The VAULT

What began in as a  garage business in California has grown to be one of the most renowned names in golf today.  PING was the first manufacturer to offer high-quality cast clubs which reduced the cost and allowed for better quality control.  Today you see their clubs on every golf course nationwide. This next generation of PING putters has been engineered to provide tour quality equipment to the average golfer.






Receiving my PING Vault 2.0 was an exciting day as I opened the package and saw the beautiful copper finish. I immediately put the club in my hand and felt the weight of the steel shaft.  A gentle easy swing and the club felt comfortable in my hands. I was looking forward to finding out how this transfers to the golf course.




The PING Vault 2.0 putter is equipped with the patented True-Roll Technology (TR) that is precision milled and designed to speed up off center impacts and reduce the number of three putts. I was very good at ‘unintentionally’ testing out this three putt idea by hitting off center on numerous occasions and yet still left the ball just outside the cup. The new system also offers a variety of sole weight options based on each golfer’s personal preference for feel and balance.  Choose from either steel (standard weight head), tungsten (15 grams heavier than standard) or aluminum (15 grams lighter than standard). The Vault 2.0 also comes in three finish options; stealth, copper and platinum. While I’ve never had a copper finish before now, I’m not sure I’d go back to a standard color. The copper finish reduces the glare and there are little to no reflections from the sun coming off my putter.




The grip is an integral part of your equipment and should not be chosen lightly.  I chose the PP61 grip which is a slightly larger pistol grip. For me the PP61 felt softer than those I’m accustomed to using. I love the way it felt in my hands. I didn’t feel like i was having to hold it tight. My grip was easy and effortless.  

If you’re looking to change the putter that is in your bag this new PING Vault 2.0 should be at the top of your list for its value and high performance abilities. One of my bucket list hopes is to visit the PING Putter Vault!