EXO ‘Extra Hugs and Kisses’ Indianapolis Putter Review

When they say you’ve never seen a putter like this before it’s because they’ve never made one before! Odyssey Golf has worked tirelessly to design a new putter that has a sexy look and performance to match! The new EXO Putters take everything they know and wrap it up in one spectacular package. I found the design of EXO Indianapolis very appealing to the eye.





Straight out of the box, I was able to see the sleek new design of my EXO Indianapolis.  This multi material putter has a stainless steel face, an aluminum sole, a composite top and the new white hot line for better alignment. The idea behind the use of multiple materials is that it creates increased forgiveness and better manageability of your putts.




MAN !!!!! This is so TRUE. The sound that the putter face makes when you strike your ball is like music to your ears. I found the ball to roll at a consistent pace much easier. Lining up putts with this putter was really easy with the long white line running from the tail end to the light grey front. Looks like they took a blade putter and added wings to make it glide better, and it worked !!!  




When testing out a new putter I usually find that there’s a period of time for “breaking in” the new club and getting used to the new feel.  That was not the case with the EXO Indianapolis. From the very first putt it was effortless, smooth and the ball flew off the face. Putt after putt I had consistent ball speed as well as more accurate alignment. I was able to control my putt and hit for the distance needed over and over again. At first I was curious what the EXO stood for but I very quickly realized it is ‘Extra Hugs and Kisses’ because that’s what I find myself giving it each time I put it back into my bag.