SeeRed you're Dead... SeeMore you Score!

All golfers have heard the phrase “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough” and that’s because putting is ultimately what will make or break your game.  At SeeMore Putters the motto is “We make putting simple and fun!”  With their continual desire to create quality products as well as have a platform that can be easily used to teach and improve your putting game SeeMore strives to be at the forefront of any golfers mind.




The New SeeMore Platinum Milled TR-Mallet is tour designed and inspired by the very first SeeMore mallet with the angular design that mixes a perfect blend of balance, forgiveness and precision.



As excited as I was prior to actually using the mallet, I was even more excited once I got it into my hands and on the course.  The new TR-Mallet has the usual comfortable grip and feel but when the face hit the ball I was amazed. It was smooth and FAST. The ball rolled right off the face but there were no hops or skips. It glided across the greens with lightning fast speed and went exactly where I had intended! I think that I might be spoiled with all that SeeMore puts into their putters. They created this animal inside of me that expects nothing but the best from them and they never disappoint.




With the trademarked Rifle Scope Technology (RST), SeeMore has the technology and quality of product to improve every golfer’s game (see the highlighted video to learn more about RST).  Hiding the thin red line has proven to be a simple and effective way to create perfect alignment for golfer’s at every level.  In the past I have personally found that whenever my short game has been a little “off” I go back to reworking my putting with the RST alignment tools and it has always helped me immediately bring things back into alignment.






Along with all the custom changes that you can have done to make this mallet meet your exact needs having this simple tool has given me the ability to constantly improve my short game. While I upgraded the shaft of my new putter I didn’t add any additional weight to what comes standard. I did have my lie adjusted to 69* and the length shortened slightly by a half inch. Being fit for your putter is a big, and will help you maximize your ability to score low with your putter. 


In the end, I firmly believe that having a SeeMore Putter in your bag will never be a regret! 

In the end remember...... SeeRed you're Dead … SeeMore you Score!