A Legend in the Making: Mordred Putter

ARGOLF was said to have conceived its original putter line by uniting finesse, technological precision, balance and performance.  ARGOLF putters are designed to respond to the needs of every kind of golfer : beginner, experienced, amateur or professional and getting one into my hands was something to look forward to! 

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ARGOLF putters were conceived in the research lab with a single goal: to achieve high performance while combining design and precise aeronautical technology. With this in mind each putter is crafted from a solid block of aeronautical-grade 7175 Aluminum. So while having the aerodynamic features to perform the Mordred is appealing to the eye and has a sleek design making it attractive and functional.





Mordred, the Last Generation, is a putter that boasts of stabilization, alignment, performance and comfort.  The new Mordred putter is a triple bend KBS shaft with a grey and orange Pure Grip that has a fashionable and function grey club head that has a thin orange line.



The Mordred Putter was very easy to get the face square at impact and it was quick! The ball bounced beautifully off the face and yet had great distance control. 


During my tour around many different states and golf courses there was so much interest in the Mordred Putter that I gave others the opportunity to test it out as well.  The feedback was so positive that it actually interfered with my ability to use the club because no one wanted to return it to my bag. I believe that only one person; Retired US Airforce Col Quick, had a complaint during his first putt. He claimed that the toe was too hot! Then after a few more attempts he realized the problem was actually his lining up incorrectly and then fell in love with the putter so much that he told his daughter he was going to buy one himself!




MORDRED sold out in less than a week following the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando back in January but is now available to order online and in select retailers.  As the founder, Olivier Colas says, Mordred is a hybrid of childhood fascination and a historical legend which is another fantastic addition to their collection. 


I believe with the ease of use and performance the MORDRED Putter will continue to sell out!