Stabilizing Your ROLL

As with any sport it all comes down to the equipment.  The athlete has to have the ability and the equipment to be as successful as they could possibly be. The new OLD Kids on the block when it comes to shafts is BGT; Breakthrough Golf Technology . With a 100 yes a hundred years of experience at BGT they pride themselves in being able to see just what is missing in today’s golf equipment. Through hard work and innovation BGT is fixing and filling in those missing pieces. With a state of the art facility and precision technology BGT’s goal is to provide the finest golf shafts available.  

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Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Putter Review

Inspired by the beautiful view surrounding the Cleveland Golf Headquarters in North America, Cleveland Golf has introduced a new more modern designed putter that continues to keep the classic technology and innovation always known by golfers who use their products.  Cleveland Golf has a proud heritage in being the leader in wedges because of their innovation in technology and they have successfully ventured into the area of every other club that fills a golfer’s bag.

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Kickstand Putters Review - Bringing Clubs Back to Life

Have you ever had a club in your bag that you have kept for years that is on its last leg and looking sad or maybe you don’t take care of your clubs very well and it may have rust or damage? Have no fear, Kickstand Putters can take your club and make it just like new.


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Miura KM008 Small Blade Putter Review

Miura KM008 Small Blade Putter Review

Although not a household name in golf, Miura stands for everything that is pure in club making. The best carbon steel, forging and milling like no other, exclusivity and hand grinded by the best in the business. For this review, Miura has sent me their new KM008 putter. An improved version of the retired and very popular Miura KM 350 (Small Blade Putter), Miura san re-designed this putter for players seeking the very best. Now, I can attest to the fact that the KM008 is of the finest materials and build quality. And yes, it's gorgeous to look at. But, does that translate to low scores on the greens? Let's find out.

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