My Dream Day with JP Wedges by Titleist Review

My Dream Day with JP




Can you image the feeling of getting a text from one of your favorite friends after a LONG three year absence? For me, it was excitement!  The message was simple; “Call me. It’s something golf related”.  He had me at golf related.  I know you would feel the same way if your friend was none other than James Harrington.  YES; the legend himself, JP.  The man behind JP Wedges.

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Needless to say I called him and he asked me if I wanted to be a JP Ambassador. I told him that I needed some time to think about it –   Not!  I was just making that part up. What really happened was I screamed like a little boy and said I’ll be there! I would be honored to be. Then, I asked myself, “What is a JP Ambassador?”  Well my friends, I would have to wait a very long eight weeks to find out. Luckily, you don’t have to wait.


Fast forward to March 1st, 2017; I hop on a flight to Carlsbad to find out all about being a JP Ambassador. That night, we are having dinner with JP, and silly me starts asking a million questions. Can you image being told you still have to wait another day? What’s another day after waiting three years right? WRONG! It was torture and I wanted the night to fly by.


I woke up the next morning, relieved of the nagging anticipation I had felt the past weeks. The day had finally come! We packed up our gear and drove to The Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA for a day filled with time with JP and his new JP Wedges.


We arrived at TPI, unloaded our gear and began our walk to where JP was waiting.  I wanted to burst out in a sprint, so badly. My heart began racing; the closer we got the faster it raced. The time had come; JP greeted us and asked if we were ready to see the next phase of JP Wedges. HELLO! Yes I am ready.


JP escorted us to his beautifully built custom JP Wedges Fitting Station, where he had new JP wedge heads and individual pieces that made up these new stunning wedges. JP went on to talk about these individual pieces and how each piece plays a pivotal role in his design.





First, we discussed the Multi-Directional Camber Sole. It has a 3-Dimensional Contour Milling Pattern Design (JP likes to refer to it as "The Engine of the Wedge") which provides relief from heel to toe. My understanding is that this allows golfers to open and close the face without the feeling drag at impact. I definitely noticed this when hitting a variety of golf shots during my JP wedge fitting. I couldn’t believe the ease of hitting these shots.


Next, we went over the Multi-Material Construction of his wedges. The body was forged and CNC milled for the best precision possible, the Signature Tungsten Weighting has a super solid feel and great distance control. It was incredible seeing how tightly circled my golf shots were.          

The final piece was a Forged Milled Titanium Back Plate. I couldn’t believe how lightweight this piece was. JP went on to explain that saving weight here allowed him to use tungsten in the toe for a more solid feel.  


We can’t forget aesthetics. In typical JP fashion, he found a way to make the new phase of JP Wedges just as he has in the past; of high quality materials and designs that only JP can deliver.


Now the time has come for me to go through the JP Wedge Fitting Experience. There was a High Speed Video with motion capture that allowed JP to break down my swing frame by frame. With that he was able to find my lie angle was at 64 degrees which is the standard lie of JP Wedges. This was big! I have been playing wedges -2 degrees flat for the last 5 years. I was miserable with my divot. Don’t believe me? I sent a photo of my divot to Michael Breed and he broke it down on the Golf Fix. JP also utilizes a Trackman Ball Flight Monitor, and Titleist SureFit Tools. The Titleist SureFit Tools are really cool. They allow JP to fit your loft and lie amazingly quick and with ease. Once JP got through the technical stuff I had a JP Wedge in my hand that was built for me to hit. Oh my; it was incredible. My divot was completely changed, and I loved it. My shots were tighter and much closer to target. Are you ready for the clincher ….. I MADE THE BALL SPIN BACK!!! Yes so much that I may have yelled out a few words of profanity. Okay a lot of bad words but I was excited at what was happening to my wedge game. I believe this was possible because of the Precision Milled Grooves JP uses, which help provide maximum spin.



The sun was beginning to set and the sky was almost as amazing as my JP Wedge Fitting Experience at The Titleist Performance Institute. I have been blessed with some great golf experiences, but this one will be unmatched. I knew JP for several years before he joined the Titleist Family. I waited impatiently for over three years for “The Legend’s” return, my nickname for JP.  I’m so grateful that I was chosen to be a part of JP’s return with his new phase of JP Wedges. I know many of JP’s fans and followers have been wondering where JP has been and if he would ever be back. Well folks, get ready, because “The Legend” has returned to us all.