The Spin on Indi Golf

After being introduced to the Indi Golf press release in November 2017 BiGG’s Golf Talk was fortunate enough to have General Manager, Rob Lang as a guest on the show. He expressed that he believes the new StingRay wedge is the best wedge on the market especially for the recreational golfer. Being able to meet Rob face to face at this year’s PGA Show allowed me to share in person my thoughts on the club that I had the pleasure of testing myself.

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The design team at Indi Golf created the StingRay Wedge for the the majority of the golf world who loves the game of golf but don’t make their living playing the sport. They pride themselves in the fact that they don’t conform to the industry norms and deadlines for introducing new products but instead work until they have the best product. The ScoopBack technology that Indi Golf uses is designed to  make the  off center hits feel better and end up closer to the hole which instantly improves the short game which is where most recreational golfers are challenged the most.



The StingRay wedge has a classic and clean look and is made with the highest quality materials available.  The design is different from what you will traditionally see in a wedge yet looks exactly what you would expect from a traditional blade wedge.  Indi has put the thickness of the wedge higher in the face than other wedges which is designed to transfer the energy more appropriately from the head to the ball.  They have then shortened the hosel so the weight is more in the toe resulting in a better feel and more forgiving club. While the look and feel is just like any other wedge your performance will be unlike any other.

I was able to visit the IndiGolf tee box during demo day and having tested this club myself, I was amazed at the performance. First up was a very popular and conforming wedge.  The spin rate was just under 4000.  Next up, the non-conforming and new StingRay wedge.  Spin rate this time was over 10,000.  The improvement in my own spin rate was more than impressive.  Last up, Indi Golf’s new wedge not yet introduced, but a more traditional and conforming wedge.  This wedge created a spin rate of 6,500. Impressive because of the fact that it is a conforming wedge that fits into the industry mold and increased my spin rate by 50%.


While the StingRay wedge is non-conforming and cannot be used in tournament play it is a great club for the recreational golfer to have in their bag because of the amazing improvement it will bring to their game. Improving your game always improves your fun.