Bridgestone Tour B XW1 Satin Chrome Wedge Review

The Bridgestone name is synonymous with quality and that is why they are a global leader in the rubber and polymer technologies industries.  As with everything else they do, Bridgestone Golf strives to bring superior quality to the golf industry. Have they successfully done this with the new forged Tour B XW1 Wedge?

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I’ve never used Bridgestone Golf Clubs so  when given an opportunity to test out and review the new Bridgestone Tour B XW1 Satin Chrome Wedges, I jumped at the opportunity to see what they could do for my game.  I was sent two wedges for this review; a 54 degree and a 58 degree. These Bridgestone Tour Wedges are designed for the more experienced mid to low handicap players; therefore giving you a greater opportunity to really up your game.  Something to note is that these wedges are currently only offered in a right handed model so for those lefties you’ll have to wait and see if they bring out a wedge for you in the future.






The Bridgestone Tour B XWI is a forged iron club designed with a teardrop shape that is designed to appeal to the classic golfer. The additional millwork that is on the head of the club is designed for more spin and control. Another key piece to this club is the variation in bounce that is available. My 54 degree has a 10 degree bounce while the 58 degree has an 8 degree.  For me, bounce is critical because my Florida golf courses can change from dewey, muddy, or hard all in the same day. I was pleased at the way this wedge sliced through the grass and left my ball right in the area where I had intended to place it. From the very first swing with this new wedge, I felt comfortable and as if it was an already tested piece in my bag.




For any golfer, your equipment is crucial and there tends to be a relationship that is formed with your clubs that is not easily broken.  After many rounds; both good and bad, you create an understanding with your club that makes switching an uneasy idea. If you take a chance and test out the Bridgestone Tour B XW1 Wedges they’ll be an easy addition to your bag.