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TOPIC: Bridgestone Balls

Re:Bridgestone Balls 3 years 10 months ago #110192

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The Golf Father wrote:
tmvds wrote:
I played a round yesterday with the E6 ball for the hell of it. It's a very good ball as well. The new version is a lot softer than last year's model around the greens and putting and I think a single digit handicapper could play this ball with very few complaints as well as those needing help to hit it straight. The only complaint that I have is that I COULDN'T shape my shots when I needed to, I had a handful of approach shots where I needed to shape it around a tree or something from an over the top pull tee shot and the ball just wants to go straight. The main point of the E6 according to Bridgestone is to cut down sidespin and hit straight shots, they are telling the truth. If you are looking to turn a slice into a gentle fade or a hook into a little draw, give the E6 a try. I've been fighting hooks recently and this ball stayed in play for me, a 77 at Cheval which I had never played before, so I think this will be the ball I use when my ball flight is moving too much. It's a confidence builder to swing away and know that the ball is going to help minimize the curve.

You have to try the new ones !! The covers on them are sick !!!! It's like they have self healing powers !!!
Indeed, I shall find a sleeve and give them a whirl. I was so all over the place last weekend that maybe they can band-aid me for a while.
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Re:Bridgestone Balls 3 years 1 month ago #111398

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Been playing the E6 Speed the last couple of weeks. Was a fan of the old E6 but had so much difficulty getting them to stick on the green switched to the now defunct Volvik Vista IV and lived with the extra spin off the tee and with the long irons.

The new Speed is a great ball and fits my game well. Noticeable damping of any side spin on mishit long balls. The classic knuckle ball look of the old E6. Even though the cover is not urethane, it does feel softer off the wedges and I've been able to put good spin on my flop shots and full wedges and get the ball to stop after only a couple of hops. Not as quick a stop as the Volvik but definitely shorter than the old E6 and tons shorter than the Titleist Velocity (which a great distance ball but I just not get them to stick on the green.)

Haven't tried the Soft yet but bought a couple of dozen to see how the work around the green. The specs in it shouldn't fit my swing but could be a great ball for scramble use on approaches.

Only down side I see with the ball is it definitely seems to pick up scuffs and scratches much more than the old E6. I assume that is the price of the softer cover and one I gladly deal with since I have been losing less balls OB after switching. I'm sure that contributes to the wear on them since I actually get to play the same ball for an extended period :)

In short at two dozen for $40 the Speed is a great ball and I stocked up with 10 dozen at the price