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TOPIC: How long until "good"

Re: How long until "good" 8 years 4 weeks ago #53476

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Laddog54 wrote:
25 years and still working towards "not embarrasing".

Really? I would imagine that after 25 years, you would have had a peak at some point where you felt like you were good. Or are you simply being modest here? I'm sure you are a lot better than you give yourself credit for.

Re: How long until "good" 8 years 4 weeks ago #53502

I havent reached there yet ... 5 years and counting !!!

Re: How long until "good" 8 years 4 weeks ago #53514

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I've only broken 90 4 or 5 times. I have played between 27 and 36 holes every other week since the beginning of June and have only shot under 45 for 9 holes twice. I love playing though and that one pured shot or 20 ft putt I tend to have every time out brings me back for more. I think with an upgrade in equipment I could drop a few shots ( I custom made my Golfsmith clubs in 91).
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This is my 3rd year of golfing. I think I am a decent golfer now. I ploay with good golfers and can keep pace with them. I think you play up to your competitiion, so I have surrounded myself with good golfers. I usually shoot 90 - 95 for 18 holes.
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I was born good
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I started playing in 1986, mostly because I was traveling so much and the group of guys I worked with were playing golf on the weekends. It was either play golf or be stuck in a hotel.
So...I started playing.

I pretty much was a once or twice a month golfer until 1999 or so. Never breaking 90, happy when I was under 100. Then I started playing with a single digit co-worker. The more I played with him, I watched and learned. I still remember the first time I broke 90 (on a Par 70 course) and I was excited.

I retired from the Air Force in 2004 and moved to Colorado, now a 26 handicap.
I decided it was time to start taking lessons. I signed up for a 20 week 'winter golf' program. One week was lesson, the next was a scheduled practice on the computer analysis bay.
I learned a lot...broke 90 consistently. I was so happy, I did it again the following winter.
From there, I got serious about golf, playing more than 100 times a year. I even play during the winter now.

So, today...after lessons I went from a 26 to a 9.2 handicap! Still feel like I'm getting better all the time. My next goal is to get to a 7, then to a 5. Is scratch a possibility?? Maybe...realistically, probably not. But, it doesn't stop me from loving this game!!

So, if you're struggling with the game. Take a series of lessons! A 30-minute session once on the range will NOT fix your game. More than likely, it will frustrate you. In fact, during my lessons, I was so 'broken', I walked off the course because I couldn't hit it straight or more than 75 yards. Yep, I was stuck between the old and new swing....

Go forth and play! Take some lessons and get better so you'll enjoy the game even more!
-- P.J.
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