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TOPIC: Ever had a club slip and go flying?

Re: Ever had a club slip and go flying? 8 years 4 weeks ago #53527

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When I was 12 my father (serious collegiate golfer) took me to the range to teach me how to golf. He gave me a 7 iron and told me to just swing away so he could see what my mechanics look like. Now keep in mind that he took the approach of a very serious intention to turn me into a prodigy overnight so clearly I had to live up to that.

I got up to the ball.....and with my best baseball swing (I didn't know any different) I swung as hard as I could and missed the ball. Hands started to sweat. Next swing.....woosh woosh woosh.....7i goes flying.

My father has to get a range attendant to get the club and tells me to sit down and watch him for a bit. I'm completely mortified. After about 20 balls he tells me to try again. I get up there.....woosh woosh woosh. That pesky 7i is out there again.

With my father red in the face with disappointment the gentlemen in the next stall says to me "You know...if you keep your left arm much straighter"....I continue to listen for some real advice ....he continues "and you follow through....the club will go a log farther".

I almost quit golf for life.

Re: Ever had a club slip and go flying? 8 years 4 weeks ago #53532

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Only a few wedges at the cart but that was on purpose. :laugh:

Re: Ever had a club slip and go flying? 8 years 4 weeks ago #53536

Ive had a club come out of my hands, rotate around my body and hit me in the head.
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Never happened, but I have seen it when the idiot put suntan lotion on just before he swung.
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Re: Ever had a club slip and go flying? 8 years 4 weeks ago #53545

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Only once. Decided to play on a rainy day that we though would clear up in an hour. Poor choice. I have the golf pride tour wrap on my driver and let me tell you that thing is slippery when it is wet. First hole tee shot, I think the club went further than the ball. Teed off with my 3 wood the rest of the day with a golf pride multi decade grip.
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