Cleveland CG Black Driver

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After swinging a few times, we started to like the balance of the club, even though it is super light at only 265 grams of total weight. With the club being so light and aerodynamic because of Cleveland’s Speed Crown Design, the CG Black came in 3rd place with an excellent rating of 109.9 MPH average club head speed. This driver is very forgiving, and because of that, it can create higher spin rates. With the higher spins, the CG Black came in the average class of distance at 256 yards.

All the testers had to admit that the CG Black was surprisingly one of the easiest drivers to hit out of entire group. The combination of the MaxCOR2 variable face thickness technology and its ability to generate higher club head speed, the driver saw good distance on all off-center hits. The effortless overall performance of the Cleveland CG Black earned it the CLUB WARS 2012 Award for Most Forgiving Driver!

After testing the CG Black, it would be best for any player above a 12 handicap.

The shaft may be too whippy for most players, requiring a more smooth transition in your swing to get the best out of the driver. Which can play some trouble on the rest of your game if you try slowing down your swing on your other clubs. To get the best of out the CG black you may want to go one flex higher on the shaft. If you usually game Regular flex, try this in a stiff and you should be able to do your usual swing. Some find the stock shaft way to light, but a custom shaft offering from Cleveland to match your swing would turn this into probably the best driver of 2012. Yes, a shaft does make that much difference!

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Cleveland proudly shows off an aerodynamic Speed Crown Design in the CG Black driver. You can see the weight insert located in the back of the driver. This helps move the center of gravity toward the back of the club head creating a higher launch angle and maximum playability.


The CG Black driver includes a MaxCOR2 Variable Face Thickness Technology. MaxCOR2 technology reduces face weight and increases trampoline effect on off-center hits. This increases overall forgiveness meaning higher ball speed and more distance on off-center hits.


With the proven lightweight performance found in premium Miyazaki graphite shafts and lightweight grip from Golf Pride, players can expect increases in swing speed with the same swing effort.

Even though the CG Black driver is the lightest driver on the market at 265 grams, you wouldn’t guess it at address. Looking down the line, it still includes a comfortable size, shape and look. It is engineered with a teardrop-inspired profile reducing drag at all angles of airflow during the swing for superior speed.