My Take from 13th Annual Tour Edge Media Day Event

What better way is there to kick off a week with the Golf Industry than to participate in the 13th Annual Tour Edge multi/manufacturer Media Day? With the sun out and the temperatures rising, golf professionals and media personnel from all over the country gathered at Lake Nona Golf and Country Club in Orlando, Florida for a day filled with golf adventures. The Tour Edge Media Day was filled with  vendor presentations, demos and testing opportunities, and meet and greets from all over the Industry. After all the work was finished it was time to play a round of golf.




Wake up and enjoy a good breakfast because the morning was set to begin with Edukaytion- Golf 8.5! In a fast paced industry like golf there are always changes and improvements being made.  Whether it’s the equipment, the technology or the courses there’s always something new and exciting going on.  With Golf 8.5, Kay McMahon, is dedicated to simplifying the game of golf by teaching people in a non-traditional way and eliminating the idea that ‘golf is a hard game’. Her belief is that ‘Golf is simple… and Golf 8.5 proves it!’.



Once you have the idea in your head it’s time to focus on the equipment.  Golf’s original grip manufacturer, Lamkin Grips gave a presentation on what’s new and trending in their world of golf grips. To really pull the crowd in, Bob Lamkin, shared his childhood stories about how his family interacted with famous golfers in our industry as they built their legacy.



With the club in hand we now turn our attention to that little round ball that plays such a key role in the game we know and love.  VP and Co-Founder, Bret Blakely, shared the exciting news of OnCore Golf’s Genius Ball and how they believe it will revolutionize the tech game.




Next SuperSpeed Golf shared their belief that all golfers can ‘unleash their speed’ and increase their distance with the right training and technology. With over two years invested in training videos, SuperSpeed Golf looks to turn every amateur golfer into the best golfer they can be.  



Last stop was the host themselves, Tour Edge Golf.  The owner and president, David Glod, took the stage and shared what was new and exciting in their world of golf clubs.  The new launches in their lines which include Hot Launch 3 and Exotics CBX are hoped to take the industry to a whole new place.



With new knowledge in our heads we were then given the opportunity to put Tour Edge Golf’s new technology into our hands on the range. We were also given the opportunity to visit with other sponsors, ask questions  and even take home media samples to review on our own time.  



Equipped with a multitude of new items and knowledge it was now time to play the game. Over 100 people from all around the industry gathered at the carts for a 4 person scramble. Men and women were able to compete to win prizes in a variety of contests including longest drive and closest to the pin. In the end is the coveted bragging rights for the winning foursome.  This year, I am proud to say that I am part of the team that gets to brag about being the best at this year’s Tour Edge Media Day Event for 2018. YES, I am part of the Championship team that won!