2020 Father's Day Gift Guide

It's that time again to spoil those special men in your life!! We hope our Fathers Day Guide help your find the perfect gift for those Special Men in your life




Golf Energy Bars


Sample all their great flavors with this expanded variety pack.  Get the PLUS, Gluten Free, Dairy Free Variety pack includes 4 of each of our delicious PLUS, and Gluten and Dairy Free flavors (28 bars total). 




Photo Ball Markers


PhotoBallMarker.com makes creating custom golf ball markers from your photos very easy, fun and affordable.  Simply visit PhotoBallMarker.com and click the option you’d like to chose. It’s as simple as uploading the photo you want and it will be on it’s way.  Great gifts; fun, personal and totally unique.




FREE Personalization!


Golfballs.com allows customers to buy their favorite model of golf ball from all the top brands and customize them. Not just golf balls, customers may choose from a selection of bags, apparel, tees, and more – each available with the industry’s largest selection of customization options including: personal photos, custom logos, monogrammed initials, personalized text, embroidery, numbers, and novelty images.



Greg Norman Apparel


Built on performance, luxury and style, Greg Norman Collection is a leading world-wide marketer of golf-inspired apparel for men and women. This apparel has the leading moisture management system and allows you to Play Hard and Play Dry. 




Anson Belt & Buckle


These Belt and Buckles are top quality and a very reasonable price. I was pleasantly surprised all dads will be Very Happy with these. They fit up to a 50 inch waist and even have extra Large options.

Busnell Wingman Speaker


Unleash your inner DJ on the course with Wingman. This “first of its kind” product combines high quality audio with the ability to receive audible GPS distances, conveniently mounts to your cart bar via BITE magnetic technology. 





It’s Hip To Wear SQAIRZ !!! These were a favorite at the PGA Show in Orlando. Golf Digest Best Golf Shoe of 2020 is no surprise. We picked them as the best new product at the show overall. You don’t have to give up comfort with these shoes. They will help square up your shots and putts. !! Great Gift for any dad !





SkyCaddie SX500

Get $50 off what Dad really wants! https://bit.ly/3e5GaOl

Since 1998, SkyGolf has been working to help improve golfers and their game by offering innovative technologies that enable them to play better by having more information.  The SkyCaddie SX500 is the latest in handheld devices which gives the golfer more tools needed to improve their game.




Indi Golf

Indi Golf is Making Golf Fun Again. They are going to be offering  two Fathers Day packages starting June 10th. You will have to check back what they will include in these packages. I will tell you one is called Father's Day Chip and Putt Package and the other is the Father's Day Short Game Package. Both will have significant savings !



Swing Align and Swing Align Short Game

On Swing Align's web site, you'll find seasonal offers and instructional tips from Golf Digest Top Young Teacher Devan Bonebrake who says Swing Align is the best device he's seen for improving Alignment, Connection and Rotation, three of the most important elements that contribute to good impact. 




Galway Bay

If the golfer in your life dreams of traveling to play in Ireland, Scotland or at Bandon Dunes, they're going to want to bring quality rain gear. Galway Bay's premium rain jacket and true-to-size rain pants have been named "Best Rain Gear" for two straight years by MyGolfSpy's panel of reviewers. For Father's Day, type in code fathersday2020 and receive20% off Galway Bay outwear products.





V1 Golf and V1 Game App

For golfers dedicated to working on their swings and using video to see and connect with their swing instructor, there is the V1 Golf Plus Mobile App.

You can't fix what you can't see, and golfers can't fix what their instructors can't see. Fortunately, the V1 Golf Plus Mobile App enables golfers to take and upload videos of their golf swings and send them to an instructor who uses the V1 Pro platform. The instructor then takes the video, adds telestration lines to show key points in the swing that need improvement, and can voice over step-by-step lessons which can immediately be sent back to the student.



Happy Father's Day !!!!