For immediate release: November 2017                                                                                                                                                                        


New game-changing putting product for all levels of golfer now available in the USA


HOLE MORE PUTTS™ is the ultimate high tech, portable solution to one of the most difficult parts in the game of golf – getting the ball in the hole. 


Following successful launches in the UK and Europe, HoleMorePutts is now available in the USA via the HoleMorePutts web site: at the on-line price of $499 plus delivery, with shipping expected to take no longer than 3 days from the date of order.


Head of Business Development, Robert Slade- Baker said "We've launched successfully in the UK, Europe and South Africa and we couldn't think of a better country to begin the next part of our journey.  Golf is huge here and we feel that there is an appetite for a unique hi-tec game improvement product that really works and makes a difference to a golfers game.


There are many effective swing analysis systems available to the golfer to measure their performance from the tee, but to date there has been nothing of any great significance to either measure or give personalized instruction on probably the most important part of the game – putting. 


That is until now, with the invention of HOLE MORE PUTTS™".


Featuring an iPad style tablet and patented infrared technology, HOLE MORE PUTTS™ measures the five key elements of the putting stroke as defined by the PGA – face angle, impact point, path, angle of attack and speed – providing instant analysis of the stroke on a hi visibility screen.


HOLE MORE PUTTS™ Technology analyses the putting stroke and after just 5 putts calculates a player's 'Putting Index' (%) – their putting performance score.  When synchronized with the Tablet, the HOLE MORE PUTTS™ App & Website give a visualization of each putt, detailed analysis of the putting stroke and personalized video instruction in an easy-to-follow format, guaranteed to improve your game!


Robert commented "Golf coaches that we worked with in the development phase constantly told us that without feedback, golfers don't know if they're practicing a good habit or just repeating a bad one. Without solutions and drills, they won't know what to practice to improve.


HOLE MORE PUTTS™ instantly provides golfers with this information and instruction based on what is shown on the screen.  For the first time ever a golfer can see what to focus on in order to get the greatest improvement – in the least amount of time possible".


Requiring no set up, and very little space, HOLE MORE PUTTS™ can be used indoors and outdoors, at home or in the office, to improve putting performance. Ongoing use will help golfers of all standards to build a clear picture of their putting strengths and weaknesses, to develop a stroke that is effective time after time.

HOLE MORE PUTTS™ can also improve green reading and distance control, and will enable every golfer to have a putting stroke that is consistent, no matter what conditions they are faced with on the green. And with consistency comes confidence – the key to great performance.


Initial research amongst golfers showed that over 90% of golfers experienced significant improvement after regularly using HOLE MORE PUTTS™".



1. The golfer makes five putts from the Tablet.

2. A digital display on the tablet provides instant feedback on face angle, impact point, path, angle of attack and speed, and gives a 'Putting Index' score measured as a percentage.

3. This data can then be uploaded via Bluetooth to the HOLE MORE PUTTS™ App and/or Website.

4.  The HoleMorePutts App provides stroke analysis and improvement routines

5. The HOLE MORE PUTTS™ website a gives more detailed analysis of the putting stroke with personalized video instruction in an easy-to-follow format, guaranteed to improve your game!

6. Go out on the golf course and start holing more putts!


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