eGull Receives over 100 Requests from Golf Courses to Deploy eGull Pay over the Next few Months ?


February 6, 2018


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eGull Receives over 100 Requests from Golf Courses to

Deploy eGull Pay over the Next few Months ?



CARLSBAD, CA, February 6, 2018– eGull, Inc., developer of the "Uber of Golf" eGull Pay App that allows golf courses to invite golfers to Play and Pay by the Hole™, announces that during its launch at the PGA Merchandise Show it received more than 100 requests from golf courses to deploy eGull Pay for the 2018 golf season.


"Pace-of-play and dynamic pricing solutions have marginally helped yield at public access golf courses," said Pascal Stolz, CEO, eGull, Inc. "And course operators realize that pace or price aren't the answer. TIME is a major challenge inhibiting play. Golf is the only sport that one can't play for one hour."


eGull Pay is a GPS based technology solution that precisely tracks the number of holes a golfer plays and bills players just for what they played. Just like Uber, golfers make a request to play at participating golf courses, are issued an authorization code and instructed where to start play (it can be first, tenth or any tee). When done playing, golfers end their round and are billed within the app.


"The first question we were asked time and again at the show was, "Can golfers cheat?" and the answer is a resounding No! Unlike other honor system based programs eGull Pay integrates robust "anti-cheat" solutions" added Stolz. "A golfer has to exit the physical contour of the course to end their round" explained Stolz. "If they attempt to shut down the app, turn-it to airplane mode or if their battery dies they will be charged the full 18-hole rate. Their credit card has been captured ahead of time so there's virtually no cheating allowed".


Free to course operators and free to the golfer, the eGull Pay App is a simple add-on to any tee-sheet. The course is in control to set the hours open for play and the course sets the price per hole. Golfers check in at the pro-shop and the app does the rest. Course operators can now more easily fill unused inventory without having to discount it while attracting busy executives, millennials, women, juniors and new players.


"eGull Pay is about creating flexibility and ingenuity, allowing golf to fit into the American lifestyle," continued Stolz. "We find that golfers who used to play 3 times a year (i.e. 54 holes) now play twice a month, 7 holes in 1 hr, 15 min (i.e. 168 holes). Time is priceless, and eGull is aiming to grow the game and revenues one hole at a time. With the traction we have received at the show and the already 80+ golf courses using the technology worldwide, eGull Pay is the #1 and leading technology allowing courses to offer golfers the flexibility to play golf on their own time."


In addition to individual golf courses eGull has "intrigued" many management groups and signed partnership agreements with a number of PGA Sections where the company and the Sections will promote this new way to Play and Pay by the Hole. The program is available to all 41 PGA Sections in the United States.


Golf clubs interested in offering eGull Pay at their courses can visit or contact Bob Visotcky at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . PGA Sections can contact Pascal Stolz at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  to learn how to drive incremental revenues through the eGull/PGA Section Partnership Program.




About eGull, Inc.

eGull was founded to help grow participation in the game of golf. For golfers pressed by time and challenged to commit to a full 9 or 18 holes (women, seniors, kids, beginners, after work, etc.), eGull brings golf to parity with most sports that can be played for a set amount of time. For golf course operators, eGull is a GPS technology-based yield management program and mobile application to monetize play by billing for the number of holes played via Play and Pay by the Hole™ and grow incremental revenues through better utilization of off-peak inventory. For more information, visit