eGull Launches Ryder Cup Sweepstakes One golfer will win a trip for two to the Ryder Cup in Paris


February 13, 2018


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eGull Launches Ryder Cup Sweepstakes

One golfer will win a trip for two to the Ryder Cup in Paris



CARLSBAD, CA, February 13, 2018– eGull, Inc., developer of the "Uber of Golf" eGull Pay App that allows golf courses to invite golfers to Play and Pay by the Hole™, announces the launch of the eGull Pay Ryder Cup Sweepstakes: Win a trip for two, including airfare, to the Ryder Cup in Paris with two Saturday and two Sunday tickets, September 29 and September 30, 2018. 
"The American modern lifestyle places a real premium on time," said Pascal Stolz, CEO, eGull, Inc. "When it comes to golf, it is the only sport that fans can't play for just one hour like yoga, cycling or tennis. There has been no convenient way for the golfer to squeeze in a few holes here and there or for the public access facility to offer such an opportunity typically only available at private facilities. With the eGull Pay software and mobile app golf course operators can now invite golfers to Play and Pay by the Hole using eGull's "Uber Like" FREE mobile app that precisely tracks via GPS how many holes a player plays and automatically bills the golfer within the app."
"While we hear from golfers that eGull Pay is exactly what they need, we also hear from many course operators that since no one really asked before is there really a need?" added Stolz. "This sweepstakes is intended to allow golfers to let their favorite public golf courses know that they want eGull Pay and be able to play golf on their own time."
To enter the sweepstakes, golfers need to follow the instructions below:
  • Download the FREE eGull Pay app on iOS or Android and Identify public access ONLY golf course(s) NOT already featured on the app – you can browse the list within the App or on our website.
  • Find the email of the golf General Manager and/or Director of Golf and send them an email containing:
    • Subject: Please offer Play and Pay by the Hole at [Name of the course]
    • cc. to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  – IMPORTANT the cc. is the entry ticket to the Sweepstakes
    • Body: In your own words let them know that you don't always have time for 18 and you'd love to be able to play a few holes when your time permits.
  • For the complete Rules of the Sweepstakes, go to 
"We launched in the U.S. at the end of January and we think this sweepstakes is a great way to spread the word about this technology to both golfers and golf courses," continued Stolz.  "We have already received more than 100 requests from golf courses to deploy eGull Pay for the 2018 golf season so there's definitely a need and traction. With over 9,000 public access facilities in the USA there are plenty of opportunities to enter and the earlier you enter, the more likely it will be that your course is not already featured on the app."
In addition to the grand prize trip to the Ryder Cup, 50 winners will receive six free holes to be played on any course featured in the eGull Pay app. For more details about the sweepstakes, please


About eGull, Inc.

eGull was founded to help grow participation in the game of golf. For golfers pressed by time and challenged to commit to a full 9 or 18 holes (women, seniors, kids, beginners, after work, etc.), eGull brings golf to parity with most sports that can be played for a set amount of time. For golf course operators, eGull is a GPS technology-based yield management program and mobile application to monetize play by billing for the number of holes played via Play and Pay by the Hole™ and grow incremental revenues through better utilization of off-peak inventory. For more information, visit