StrackaLine Produces Industry Leading Greens Guides For The Match

November 27, 2018

StrackaLine Produces Industry Leading Greens Guides For The Match


SAN DIEGO, Calif. -- StrackaLine, golf's leading technology company, produced its best-in-the-game greens guides for participants in The Match last weekend at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nev.


Two of the game's legends used StrackaLine greens guides as they competed for a $9 million, winner-take-all purse that attracted the attention of the American sporting public over the Thanksgiving holiday.


"The Match pitted two of the greatest players in the game's history against each other, and they wanted access to the best information available, so were happy to provide them with our greens guides," said StrackaLine president Jim Stracka. "It was a great event and we were certainly happy to be part of it."


The announcing team for The Match also had access to the greens maps, allowing them to provide insight to the viewing audience on the putts players faced during the 22-hole match.


Consumers who would like an exact replica of the book Phil and Tiger used, can email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (the cost is $25, which includes shipping).  The book will include the hole locations that were used during The Match.


The StrackaLine team took its state-of-the-art laser scanner to Shadow Creek, a highly acclaimed Tom Fazio design, and scanned every green, allowing the company to map each putting surface with accuracy down to the millimeter.


StrackaLine's quality and accuracy have led to widespread adoption on the PGA Tour, in addition to their use by more than 300 Division I college teams.


On October 15, 2018, the USGA and R&A released guidelines for Greens Guides, and StrackaLine is working with the governing bodies to ensure golfers have books that comply with organization's interpretation of Rule 4.3.


StrackaLine scans courses for $1,500 and that includes 100 greens guides for resale. The scanning process takes five hours to complete and is unobtrusive to the golfer experience.


StrackaLine now has more than 800 courses scanned, including some of the nation's most prominent layouts.


The greens maps, which feature easy to read arrows, allow players to view contour and fall lines, in addition to slope percentage, anywhere on the green.


For more information on how to order a greens guide or have a course scanned, go to